The 38 Turtles

Hi Everyone, Check out this awesome band, and guess what, they are homeschooled! Teenagers Nia Carter singing, Kai Mandelbaum playing piano, Evan Lang playing drums and a bass director, John Gray. Don’t forget to show your support by liking their video! Love, Chrissy

April Newsletter – Contributors

  Christine Louzonis, Long Island NY. Founder, Editor, Formatter and Contributor.   Daniel Louzonis, Long Island NY. Financial backer.   Katherine Lake, Australian in NY (11yrs old).  Interviewee.  Sam, NY (10yrs old).  Author of Famous Homeschooler of the Month – Tim Tebow and Cheese Please, a Limerick   HollyAnne Hansen, Long Island NY (12yrs old).  Author of Spring.   Read more about April Newsletter – Contributors[…]

Maya Got Her Newsletter!

Maya Veerbeek, (8 yrs old, Spain) our January 2017 Interviewee has received her copy of The Homeschool Globe! Maya was overjoyed to be Interviewed and will continue to contribute European recipes to share will the Homeschool Globe community. If you want to contribute, and see your name in print, just email me an article at Love, Christine Louzonis, Editor and Founder Read more about Maya Got Her Newsletter![…]

Staff of January 2017

 Christine L, Long Island NY. Founder, Editor, Formatter and Contributor.   Daniel L, Long Island NY. Financial backer.   Maya V, Spain (8yrs old). Interviewee. Drake A, (10yrs old) Chattanooga, TN. Author of  Robotics Fun.   Peter C,  Long Island NY (14yrs old). Author of  Metropolitan Youth Orchestra.   Rebecca C, London UK (11yrs old). Author of Italy. Samuel F, Long Read more about Staff of January 2017[…]