Mallory Alling’s Winter Break!

I had a very packed Winter Break! My brother, my dad and I had a Robotics competitionthe same day that we left for Naples, FL, so it was pretty hectic! And my mom and my other brother had already flew down to Naples the day before! We actually won two trophies for our Robotics team- we won the ‘Project’ award for our project about turning evaporation into energy. And we won the ‘Robot Game’ award for winning 125 points on the robot table! If you’ve never of FLL Robotics, you should look it up because it’s really fun! Our team is called Evanwood Tech, and it is really cool because every single team member is a homeschooler.

After the competition, we drove to the Atlanta airport, and then hopped on a plane to Florida. We didn’tget to our hotel until 11:30 at night, and we were very tired. The next morning, we had a delicious breakfast, and then played at the beach. The beach was packed, but we managed to find a seat!There were dolphins everywhere in the water, and they even did some tricks like backflips, which was really cool considering they were wild dolphins. Then, we went to a huge Barnes and Noble, it was like 2 floors ofheaven! But of course, my brothers went to the toy section before even realizing that there was a enormous kids section of books right in front of them… I ended up leaving with 5 new books ( which I devoured rightaway!).

A fun fact about Naples is that Abby Wambach, a famous women’s soccer player, lives just down the street from my grandparents. But unfortunately, we didn’t know which house it was because of security reasons. For dinner, we had delicious seafood. Even my brother, Drake, who can’t stand seafood, loved it! For the rest of the trip, we fished, swam, and played in the sand, overall, it was a great trip!


Written by Mallory Alling, age 13 (Chattanooga, TN)