Staff of January 2017

 Christine L, Long Island NY. Founder, Editor, Formatter and Contributor.

  Daniel L, Long Island NY. Financial backer.

  Maya V, Spain (8yrs old). Interviewee.

Drake A, (10yrs old) Chattanooga, TN. Author of  Robotics Fun.

  Peter C,  Long Island NY (14yrs old). Author of  Metropolitan Youth Orchestra.

  Rebecca C, London UK (11yrs old). Author of Italy.

Samuel F, Long Island NY (10yrs old). Author of TV? Try Some Books.

  Louis G, Long Island NY (10yrs old). Author of  Lou Gehrig.

  John L, Long Island NY (12yrs old). Formatter and author of Adobe After Effects.

Sienna S, Phoenix AZ (9yrs old). Author of The British Pound.

  Sienna W, Long Island NY (10yrs old). Author of My Amazing Adventure at the San Gennaro Feast.

  Declan W, Long Island NY (10yrs old). Author of  Apple Sauce Recipe.