December 20, 2016

Write for Us

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Homeschool Globe entry page. I am the editor, Christine Louzonis and I have some exciting news for you: You could be one of the superstars that write for the Homeschool Globe! How would you like that? People all around the globe will look at your writing! Isn’t that exciting? Absolutely anyone can submit an article, especially you.

There are only a few steps:

  1. Look down below and get an idea of something you would want to write about
  2. Write an article on it, any size you want
  3. Email it to
  4. See your article in the next newspaper!

November Monthly  Things
Every month we need certain things and have special sections. For November 2017 we need

  • A Recipe
  • An article about an unusual activity that you do
  • An article about a slightly famous person who does/use to homeschool.
  • Book Recommendations
  • Travel of the Month
  • Author of the Month

Book/Poem Industry
You can write an article about a author, review a book, recommend a book (write just a sentence or two about it), or write a short story. If you have published a book you can advertise it by sending me a picture and a few sentences about it (with information like $ and how to get the book). You will have to email me on the side if you want to do this. You can also write a poem.

Art/Craft Industry
You can write about your favorite artist, why you like him/her or about your favorite art museum. Your favorite type of art and why? You can talk about your favorite painting or sculpture. You can even send in pictures of art work (like jewelry or paintings) that you want to sell. You can write about your favorite craft that you ever done, or if you sew, write about sewing. If you sew often talk about: Is sewing is hard? What do you sew ?What stitches do you use? Do you hand-sew or do you have a sewing machine?. You can also sell things too ( like doll clothes or pillows).

Sport Industry 
If you play sports or if you watch sports you belong in this industry. Tell others about different types of sports, what sport should we do? write about your favorite player and why. If you play sports tell us what you play, why you play that sport, and where on the field you play. Have you ever scored a basket/goal/touchdown?Tell us how to play your game/sport. Is your sport hard?

Travel Industry
Write about a trip! Where did you go? Did you have fun? What did you do? Did you go to Antarctica and meet Santa Claus? Did you go skiing with him? Did you go to Montana like someone I know?

Learning Industry
What have you been learning recently? Have you dissected a shark or learned how to speak Mandarin? Have you learned about how George Washington was the first president? Tell us what you are learning so that we learn as well.

Other Little Things
You can send in a mime (a funny picture) or make up jokes. You can write a persuasive speech, or tell how to make something with a list of instructions. You can write a letter to the editor or you can ask a question. You can interview another homeschooling kid, girl or boy ages 7+ with questions. You can send in a recipe that you love as well.

You can write about absolutely anything you want. But you Cannot recommend something in list form without saying something about each one. Example:

1. Panda’s
2. Dogs
3. Horses