March 23, 2018

Books to Read

Hi everyone! This is the book page, where you can find lots and lots of books to read!

Fortunately The Milk, by Neil Gaiman received ‘4 stars’ from me, because I really liked the book and think you may too. In the book, a father is taking care of his son and daughter and they have no milk for their cereal. Their father leaves for the store to buy milk and ends up running into pirates, god splod, wumpires and a stegosaurus professor who pilots a balloon. This book was really fun to read! This is a book for girls and boys age 7+ Recommended by Sienna Wiegand

All Four Stars – All Four Stars, by Tara Dairman is a great book and I gave it 5 stars!  The book is about a girl named Gladys who loves to cook, but her parents hate to cook and always ‘order-out’ all meals.  Gladys’ Aunt Linda gave her a cooking book for Christmas and also gave her cooking tools with a journal so she could write reviews about her meals.  Gladys’ parents caught her cooking Crème Brule, which ended up lighting the curtains on fire! Gladys was banned from cooking for 6 months. Please read this book to find out what happens next to Gladys.  You will love it! This is a book for girls 8+ Recommended by Sienna Wiegand

Savvy: There are three books about Mibs Beaumont’s family.  Savvy was my favorite, but they are all good. Savvy is about a family that everyone is born with a power.  They always receive the power on their thirteenth birthday. One brother causes hurricanes and another creates electricity, Mibs Beaumont is excited to see what she gets! RIght before her birthday their father gets into an accident.  Mibs is eager to see her father and try and use her new Savvy to help him in some way. So, she sneaks on a bus on an adventure to go find her father. This is a book for 8+ girls and boys

The War That Saved My Life: This book takes place during WWII.  I love books about WWII, so I loved this book!  The main character in the book, Ada has never left her one-room apartment. Her  mother is too humiliated by Ada’s twisted foot to let her outside. So when her little brother Jamie is shipped out of London to escape the war, Ada doesn’t waste a minute—she sneaks out to join him. As Ada learns the wonder of the outdoors, she learns to sew and read, Ada is with someone who actually loves her, but can they stay together forever??? This is a book for girls and boys age 9+ Newbery Award Book

The BFG by Roald Dahl: The Big Friendly Giant is the only nice giant. But when Sophie, a little girl is awake when he comes to her town, he has no choice but to take her with him. Will he eat her? Go find out! Recommended for girls and boys Ages 7+ Classic Book also made into a movie.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: A mysterious island. An abandoned orphanage. A strange collection of curious photographs. A horrific family tragedy sets sixteen-year-old Jacob journeying to a remote island off the coast of Wales, where he discovers the crumbling ruins of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. As Jacob explores its abandoned bedrooms and hallways, it becomes clear that the children were more than just peculiar. They may have been dangerous. And somehow—impossible though it seems—they may still be alive. Recommended for girls and boys 9+ “It might be my favorite book of the year!” Made into a 2016 movie

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman – Bod’s family was murdered when he was just a baby and he has since been raised by ghosts. He can communicate with the dead and walk through solid objects. But then trouble arrives- the murderers who killed his family and Bod must be prepared. Recommended for boys and girls 9+

Mark Of the Thief by Jennifer A. Nielsen – Nic is a slave in the Roman Empire. When Nic is forced to enter a sacred cave of Julius Caesar’s, he finds an ancient bulla filled with magic. Now he wants to free himself with that magic, but most people (including the emperor), don’t want a mere slave having more power then themselves. Recommended for boys and tomboys 9+ Recommended by Christine Louzonis

Eden’s Wish by M. Tara Crowl –  Eden lives inside of an antique lamp and is a genie. If you find her lamp- rub it with a cloth and you will get three wishes granted by Eden. But Eden hates being a genie. She wants to go to Earth and stay longer than three wishes. So when she finds a gateway to earth, she exits the lamp and poses as the new kid in a school in California. Recommended for girls 8+ Recommended by Christine Louzonis

The Thing About Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin –  After her best friend drowns and dies, Suzy is convinced that how she died was actually a sting from a rare jellyfish.  Suzy retreats into her own world -silence- and works on proving that fact. Suzy will do anything to prove how her “best friend” died- before they made up from their biggest fight. Recommended for girls 8+

Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen – When juvenile teenager Cole Matthews’s anger takes over, he senselessly beats up a boy, causing permanent damage to his brain.  In order to escape jail time, Cole enters something called Circle Justice, where they banish him to a Alaskan island for a year. But there are rumors of a really rare, completely white bear residing on that island called a spirit bear.  The spirit bear will forever change Cole’s life, and maybe even rid him of his anger. Recommended for boys and tomboys age 12+

Sophia’s War by AVIThis book takes place in 1776  Sophia is a devoted American, and bitterly hates the British, who are try to force the American’s to pay more taxes.  When no news of her brother, a soldier comes, Sophia tries to look for him- and see’s horrifying things she never should have seen .  Sophia knows she must do something to stop the British and she becomes an undercover spy. Recommended for girls age 8+

Holes by Louis Sachar – Stanley Yelnats has been sentenced to a boys detention center charged with a crime he didn’t do.  Stanley spends every day digging holes at Camp Green Lake, supposedly for building character. But soon Stanley begins to suspect that there is another reason they are digging holes.  The boys are digging holes because the warden is looking for something. But Stanley has yet to figure out what is being hidden under a dried up lake. Recommended for any children ages 8-12

The Inquisitor’s Tale by Adam Gidwitz –  1242. Travelers from all over France meet in a inn and began to tell the story of  three, very strange children. William is an oblate, on a mission from his monastery, who has supernatural strength, Jeanne, a peasant girl with visions of the future,  and Jacob, a Jewish boy who can heal any wound. Their story will take you to many amazing places. Recommended for girls and boys 9-13

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken – For Etta Spencer, a violin prodigy, all she wants is to please her mom and find out who her dad is.  But one very special night, Etta loses everything. Thrust into the world of time travel, Etta learns that she’s inherited a legacy from a family she never knew.  Nicholas Carter is content only when he is at sea, away from the Ironwoods. But he is bound to the Ironwoods, and they want him to search for a stolen object, an object with more power than ever, and the Ironwoods believe only Etta would ever be able to find it. Recommended for girls and boys age 12-16

Jinx by Sage Blackwood – Never step of the path of the Urwald. Jinx is now a wizard’s apprentice to Simon Magus, a wizard in the dangerous Urwald.  But when Simon takes something important from Jinx, for his own safety, Jinx makes a important decision to step off the path of the Urwald, and find the Bonemaster.  Who may be able to give Jinx what Simon took from him. Recommended for girls and boys. Reading level: Age 7+ Interest Level: Age 8-13

Lucky Broken Girl by Ruth Behar –   Ruthie has just immigrated from Cuba to New York City, and is finally becoming adjusted to America when Ruthie is in a horrible car accident and is confined to her bed with a body cast for a long never-ending period of time. As Ruthie heals, she learns many things about how beautiful life can be.  This is also a true story. Recommended for girls. Reading level: Age 8+ Interest Level: Age 8-13

The Fog Diver by Joel Ross -The Fog Diver by Joel Ross – A lethal mist has covered the earth for many years. Lord Kodac rules the misty sky, when thirteen year old Chess and his scavenging crew search for artifacts that will keep the crew alive. Hazel is the captain of the crew.  Swedish pilots the raft. Young Bea is the mechanic. And Chess is the tetherboy, the most dangerous job to have, and the most important. But Chess also has a secret, one that he’s always kept hidden. One that Lord Kodac desperately wants to exploit for his own plans. But Chess is running out of time, soon Kodac will find him. Recommended for girls and boys age 8-14

The Other Side of Summer by Emily Gale – Ever since Floyd died, Summer and her family haven’t been the same. Her sister is always angry, her mom is a shell of her old self Sieand her dad keeps talking about moving to Australia. Once Summer is in Australia, she finally picks up Floyd’s guitar, which came out of the bombing unharmed, unlike its owner. When Summer starts playing it, something magical happens that will change her life forever. Recommended for girls age 9-13 WARNING: This book might make you cry.

Restart by Gordon Korman – Chase doesn’t remember anything, due to falling off of a roof. When Chase resumes his normal life, he realizes that maybe he doesn’t want to be Chase. Because, who is Chase? And what has he done? Recommended for kids ages 9-13

The Orphan Keeper by Camron Wright – Chellamuthu was an ordinary 7yr old Indian boy- until he was kidnapped and sold to an orphanage, where he later left to be adopted by an American family. Eventually Chellamuthu tells his new parents about his old family, but by then it proves impossible to find his old village. Many many years later, “Taj” meets an Indian girl who brings back memories from his original life. Now Taj is determined to find out who he is. Recommended for kids and adults age 12+

My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult – Anna’s only purpose in life is to donate body parts to her sister, who was diagnosed with leukemia before Anna was even born.  When Anna’s thirteen, Kate needs a kidney, and her parents expect Anna to donate it. But Anna surprises everyone by filing a lawsuit and suing her parents for the rights to her own body, refusing to donate the kidney and accept the consequences of only having one kidney. Recommended for ages 12-18 Now a major motion picture!

I Will Always Write Back by Martin Ganda and Caitlin Alifirenka – When Caitlin is twelve years old her teacher gives everyone the chance to have a penpal across the world, and Caitlin goes for the most exotic country – Zimbabwe. Martin, the top student in a class of fifty, receives the letter and is excited to hear about America, about luxuries that Caitlin would barely notice. Six years pass and Caitlin and Martin continue to faithfully write, and slowly the two of them become better people through a long distance relationship. Recommended for girls and boys ages 8-15 Now a National bestseller!

Legend by Marie Lu – Day is the “Republic of America’s” most wanted criminal. On every child’s 10th birthday that are required to take a Trial, a test that will determine a child’s life. If score nicely, they will go to high school and college and get a job. If they fail, they’re sent to “labour camps” to live the rest of their life. When Day fails his test, he runs away and continues to ruin the Republic’s desired “peace.” When Day commits his first “murder,” the victim’s sister, June, the only child in the Republic to score a perfect score on the Trial, sets out to hunt him down, a feat that no Republican has ever managed. Recommended for girls and boys ages 10-14