April Newsletter – Contributors

  Christine Louzonis, Long Island NY. Founder, Editor, Formatter and Contributor.

  Daniel Louzonis, Long Island NY. Financial backer.

  Katherine Lake, Australian in NY (11yrs old).  Interviewee.

 Sam, NY (10yrs old).  Author of Famous Homeschooler of the Month – Tim Tebow and Cheese Please, a Limerick

  HollyAnne Hansen, Long Island NY (12yrs old).  Author of Spring.

  John Louzonis, Long Island NY (12yrs old). Formatter and author of Kids Get Rich.

  Mallory Alling,  Chattanooga Tn (12yrs old).  Author of Daily Booked.

  Sienna Stark, Phoenix AZ (9yrs old). Author of Good Tips on Making a Website.

  Louis Graziose, Long Island NY (10yrs old). Author of  A Biography of John Glenn.