A Rich 7yr old

Hi everyone!  Meet homeschooler Julian from Queens who is 7yrs old!   Julien is making a fortune in New York City by selling fidget spinners!  A fidget spinner is the latest fad for school kids.                                                                         

Julien buys his fidget spinners from a wholesale store in Manhatten.  Julien sells his fidget spinners anywhere from $3-$15, depending on the type of spinner.

Overall, Julien has made $900 net. Not including what he has spent on inventory and shipping.

Julien also has other ideas:  I can always sell chocolate bars while I think about another idea. They are portable and easy to get rid of. People will buy chocolate as gifts even if they don’t eat it. My brothers and I like doing origami so for the holidays maybe ornaments, finger puppets, stickers…. We are making comic books and writing books also so maybe we will  focus on that for a while. Oh I also want to sell toys and games that I have,  to make room for new toys.

Christine Louzonis,
Editor and Founder of The Homeschool Globe